“In 2014 we had an idea of creating a shoe that was minimalist, unique and logo-free. I had a clear design in mind and I needed to find the perfect atelier that could turn our vision into reality. We found our perfect match in a small, family owned factory in Tuscany, Italy. The country where the artisanal shoe manufacturing has been perfected over several generations. We are proud to combine our French designed shoes with the Italian heritage and craftsmanship. Our shoes are produced in limited numbers which makes them highly sustainable. We take great pride in our quality and design” says Alexia Aubert, Jacques Solovière's founder and designer

「2014年、ミニマルでユニーク、ロゴフリーな靴を造ろうというアイデアが浮かびました。頭の中にはデザインがすでに出来上がっていましたし、あとはこのヴィジョンを現実の世界へ生み出してくれる完璧なアトリエを見つけることが必要でした。そしてその要望に見事にマッチする、イタリアはトスカーナの小さな家族経営の工場を見つけたのです。何世代にも渡って職人技と言える靴の製造技術が完成されていった国です。私たちはこの、フランスでデザインし、イタリアの遺産とも言えるクラフトマンシップに則って造られた靴に自信を持っています。私たちの靴は、サスティナブルに造られた限定生産品です。クオリティ、デザインともに自信を持ってお勧めいたします。」 アレクシア・オーベール / ソロヴィエール設立者兼デザイナー

Mounting マウンティング
Each pair is carefully cemented by hand and mounted onto the shoe sole.

Shoe Lasts 履き心地
A shoe-last is one of the most important component for any shoe. Our craftsmen intuitively understand the anatomy of the foot, and the result is a shoe that wraps around your feet as though custom-made.

Cutting カッティング
The leather for each pair is hand-cut by our very skilled workforce.

Made in Italy メイド・イン・イタリー
We use the highest quality leather, sourced locally. All the steps —from leather-cutting to boxing— are done in our factory in Italy.


We promise to deliver a shoe with integrity, great design, comfort and quality. Every component of each design is consciously sourced from suppliers who are exemplary in their approach to social and environmental well-being. We want our customers to feel good walking in our shoes.

私たちは、誠実さとデザイン、快適性、そしてクオリティを備えた靴をお届けすることをお約束します。社会的、また環境的に豊かな生活を求めアプローチしていくサプライヤーとともにデザインの各パーツを仕入れていくことを念頭に置いています。 お客様が私たちの靴を履いて快適に歩けることを願っていま

Attention to detail ディテールへのこだわり
We are proud of our very skilled craftsmen, who are attentive to each and every pair of Jacques Solovière shoes, before packing them for delivery.

Final Packaging 完成品
Appearance of the final product is very important and heightens the buying experience. We make sure that everything, from the actual product to the box itself, is as perfect as it can be.